Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Short Tribute to My Father

My father taught me a lot.  In particular, he taught me prepositional calculus before I was six.  It literally taught me how to think, and with such a solid backdrop I was able to excel in my classes (well, except for social studies and biology where logic seems lacking).  He was a musician like me, an aspiring writer like me, a handsome man like me, a mathematician like me, etc.

I laugh whenever I follow in his footsteps.  (I am named after him.)  While he played the trombone, I picked up the trumpet and the french horn.  We both played the piano.  While he was a great dancer, and well ... I tried.

He was an aspiring writer just like me.  He would type his stories.  When he took breaks, I would sneak on to his IBM Selectric and type my own stories.

He never got published.  Like most aspiring writers, he just didn't know how to get through the gatekeepers.  I hope I can succeed where he didn't.  Perhaps if I get published, I can get some of his stuff published as well.

What brings this all to mind is that I follow in his footsteps yet again this week.  I've just now started writing my book reviews on  If you Google "Melvyn Windham," you may chance upon one of my father's reviews.  He has eight reviews in total, and you can read them all here.  I never thought I'd join him, but here I am, yet again!  Don't get us confused.

There's so much more I could say about him, but like I said in the title, this is a "short" tribute.  I'm sure I'll bring him up several times in the future.

Happy writing,
Mel, the younger.

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