Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Peanuts: Don't Miss It

Okay. For full disclosure, I must confess that I was Charlie Brown growing up, and to some degree, I still am. Who can resist liking the loser kid that everyone loves--the kid who tries everything he can even when everything goes wrong--the kid who never seems to get up the courage to talk to that little red-headed girl?

Yes, I'd most likely enjoy any revival of Peanuts on the big screen. I was doubly and pleasantly surprised to see the movie deliver more than what I expected. For starters, the writers didn't ruin it with some annoying modern formula gimmick. They stayed true to Schulz's original comic strip. The writers also refrained from adding those dirty jokes that "only the parents pick up on" that end up in most cartoons.

The result is good clean fun. Snoopy battles the Red Baron. Schroeder plays his piano any chance he gets. Linus carries his blanket. And Charlie Brown is back to chasing the little red-headed girl. This is one of those rare gems: a rated G movie that isn't boring, and it leaves you feeling good at the end.

I also recommend catching this movie in 3D if available. I found the 3D almost magical and very well done. I loved the juxtaposition of flat images at different layers among other three-dimensional objects. In fact, I'd go so far to say I enjoyed the 3D in this film more than most of the recent PIXAR movies released in 3D.

And one last thing. I just have to say this next part, even though it might be somewhat of a spoiler. In all the TV specials and movies, and in most of the comics, Charlie Brown always messes up. Something always happens when he's oh-so-close to his goal. For example, he goes to the national spelling bee and loses at the end because he can't spell the breed of his own dog. AAARRRGGGHHH! For years, I watched these shows, hoping that once--just once--Charlie Brown would succeed at something. I mean, if Charlie Brown could reach his goal, then maybe I could too?

Well, this movie delivers, and one of my life-long dreams is realized. Yay!

This movie is fun for the whole family. Go catch it while it's still in the theaters, and enjoy.