Saturday, April 29, 2017

Checkpoint #2 - 2017

Okay, here goes another checkpoint report. I'll come out and say that I haven't done much the past two months, and again with the same excuses. I'm spending most of my time getting music ready to sell, researching how to reach my audience, and all around catching up with chores around the house.

I did write a total of eleven blog posts among my several blogs, which is just over one post a week. Yay!

Even though I have no regrets getting nothing much else done in the fiction area, I am starting to feel the nagging growing inside -- that desire to write. I can only force it to be silent for so long. I want to get back to those ideas, get back to work on my novel Justice (though I still need to crunch the numbers to see if I can afford those costs yet).

I really do need to get back to submitting stories to magazines. It only takes an hour at most to select a market, put together a cover letter, and send it off. I should be able to do this without taking away much time from my music publishing activities. I'll get back on that starting this next week.

How are you doing on your yearly goals?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Beauty and the Beast: Redone

The first question is, should they have remade Beauty and the Beast, a cartoon masterpiece? In this case, sure -- why not? I believe it sufficiently captures the magic of the original, plus it gives new songs and new scenes to bring more depth to the characters and to explain a few items untouched a couple of decades ago.

The special effects were done well enough to look believable, and not stupid -- a common danger of bringing animated films to life.

In some aspects, I thought the remake actually outperformed the cartoon, and worth watching. Bring the whole family and enjoy it.