Monday, February 21, 2011

Conference Report - Workshop - Promoting Yourself

I'm almost done reporting on the Fall Conference I attended last November.  What's left is to give a quick report on the three workshops I attended.  I'll report on the first one tonight.

Workshop #1. Promoting Yourself by Linda Rohrbough.

Linda gave an inspirational workshop.  Her main goal was to get us out of our shells so that we can go out there and promote ourselves.  The only hard part for me was that most of what she discussed are things you do after you've published a book.  So I'm going to have to wait to incorporate most of what she taught.

She did discuss building your internet presence.  That's something I can do right now.  I have this blog, which you're now reading.  I also have a web page I put together a few years ago, but haven't been keeping it up.  (I'll have to remedy that over the next month.)  I have videos on YouTube.  I'm on facebook (more for personal networking), and I've also started networking more (professionally) with LinkedIn.

Linda advised to "give something of value away," and that's exactly what I'm doing while at the same time building my internet presence.  Of course I'm getting nowhere near being able to sell a book, but it's all a beginning.  I have a few other avenues available to me for expanding my internet presence, and that sounds like a good blog topic for later.

That advice (to give something away) was one of six principles Linda taught us.  Another principle was simply: "The Rule of Threes."  This part of the workshop was the only frustration, as the phrase was never defined.  Everyone else seemed to know what it meant, so I was too doggone embarrassed to ask.  That phrase came up again later in my other two workshops.  What does it mean?  Will somebody tell me?  Will I ever know?  Who is John Galt?

From context, I assume it means that you do things in threes.  Like when you list examples in a sentence, you usually pick three things to write.  In an essay, you usually have three main points to deliver.  But what does that have to do with promoting oneself?

Other than that, the presentation was well delivered.  Check out her website, and you can read several articles on how to do different things.

Oh, and did I mention that Linda taught this workshop even though she had recently undergone some kind of leg surgery?  If she could find enough strength to deliver a 1.5 hour workshop, surely I can find the strength to do what it takes to get my books sold.

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