Saturday, February 26, 2011

After the Lot - Zach Lipovsky

A couple of days ago, I posted three videos by Zach Lipovsky.  These videos were featured on the short-lived reality show On the Lot in 2007.  Since Zach only made it to 5th place, he didn't win the coveted job at DreamWorks.

What has he been doing after the Lot?  He's been working on commercials in France, Canada, and the US.  He's also working on a couple of feature shorts.  They're still in production, and can't wait to see them.

Here are three of his commercials.  These first two are in French.  The gist is that the younger guy wants to go the rescue, but the older guy says to relax - it's already being taken care of.  (I think.  I don't really listen to French that well.)

Antibiotics One from Zach Lipovsky on Vimeo.

Antibiotics Two from Zach Lipovsky on Vimeo.

This next commercial is very interesting.  I don't think they'll ever show it in the US, but it's my kind of humor.

Canal+ iPhone from Zach Lipovsky on Vimeo.

If you like these, there's more at his website.

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