Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Preview

Here's a preview of what's to come in 2011.

Since I'll be studying for actuarial exams this year, my writing will be curtailed.  This coming year, I'll concentrate most of my efforts toward self-promotion.  That is, though I won't do as much writing, I'll still reach out and try to get my stuff out there.

My goals:
  • Continue writing in this blog (even more so if I can help it).  Of course I will detail all my self-promotion efforts as I go along.
  • Explore the online aspiring writers' community.
    • Join forums.
    • Try out electronic critique groups.
    • Learn what other opportunities lie out there.
  • Fix Chapter 1 of Escape from the Planet Justice and then...
  • Research sci-fi agents and send out query packages.
  • Search out a local critique group.
  • Look into local writing groups.
  • Complete the first 4 chapters 3rd draft of The Silver Lining and then...
  • Research Mormon-themed publishers and send query packages.  (I consider Chapters 5-14 to be send-able.  If time permits, I'll continue the 3rd draft through the end of the book.  Also, if I happen to have an agent at the time, I may go through the agent instead of approaching publishers directly.)
  • Continue working on short stories and send off to magazines when completed.
    • "A Turn-screw tlhImqaH": This story is completed and already appears in the 8th Actuarial Speculative Fiction Collection.  It was well received on the foremost actuarial forum.  I'm going to try submitting this to a Star Trek audience and see how it's received.
    • "Actuarial Weeding": I might as well continue with my plans to enter the 9th Actuarial Speculative Fiction Contest.  I have one month to write and submit the story.  Perhaps this time I'll win a prize.
    • "When Time Flows West": Already completed, I just need to start submitting this story (and build up my rejection letter stack).
    • "The Depths of Inner Space": 1st draft complete.  After a 3rd draft, I can start submitting it.
    • "Descendant History": An idea I hope to pursue this year.
    • Other short stories as time permits.  I may consider writing a non-sci-fi short story targeted toward a specific publication.
  •  Attend another writer's conference - especially if a sci-fi agent is in attendance.
  • Pursue any other opportunities that arise...
Good luck on your own writing goals, and may you have a successful year.

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