Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, Santa Claus

For Christmas, I'll present this party game / family tradition (my aunt taught us this).  I have no idea where this story comes from, but it makes for a fun time.

Everyone starts with an exchange gift and gets in a circle. Whenever the words "Merry Christmas" are read, pass the gifts to the right. Whenever the words "Santa Claus" are read, pass the gifts to the left. When the story is finished, everyone in the circle opens their gifts. Have fun!

Merry Christmas, Santa Claus

My name is Merry Christmas. Once upon a Merry Christmas time, old Santa Claus set out to see about his Merry Christmas arrival. So I set out to find him, calling “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas” to everyone I met and asking people if they had seen Santa Claus.

“Seen Santa Claus? Have we seen Santa Claus?” they would ask. “No, we haven’t seen Santa Claus,” but I went on looking for Santa Claus.

Then all at once, there was Santa Claus down the block. “Hi, Santa Claus! Hey, Santa Claus! Santa Claus, wait for me. I’m Merry Christmas.”

Santa Claus turned around and shouted, “Hey, Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! And Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!”

Soon Santa Claus and I hurried off together, but before we could get very far, a child who was standing in a window called, “Is that you, Santa Claus?”

Santa Claus nodded, “Yes”.

Then with a happy look the child said, “Who is that with you, Santa Claus?”

“This is Merry Christmas,” said Santa Claus. “You never have Santa Claus unless Merry Christmas is there too”.

“Well, hello! Merry Christmas!” said the child. “I didn’t know Merry Christmas was a person.”

“I tell you,” said Santa Claus, “It takes people to be Merry Christmas. People are what make Merry Christmas and Santa Claus too.”

“Thank you, Santa Claus,” said the child. “I’ll remember that.”

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