Saturday, January 1, 2011

Intoducing Mel-o-rama Reviews

Everyone loves a critic - right?  Actually, I despise them.  They always sound ... well ... critical.  They take something subjective and attempt to analyze it objectively.  Also, they always ensure to add at least one sentence as to why something sucks.  That must be how they get paid.  Why else would anyone take a highly successful work of fiction and point out any one tiny insignificant flaw?

When you think about it, isn't there good in everything?  If someone puts together a book or a movie, a lot of work went into that piece of art.  Somebody is trying to say something.  An artist may not be entirely successful in communicating what he hopes to communicate, but most of the time you can tell what he intended.  And if you understand the intentions, it's easier to appreciate the work of art.

When a critic gives a scathing review, sometimes I believe that it shows how narrow-minded that person really is.  It comes across as some artsy-fartsy dude with a chip on his shoulder trying to prove how much smarter he is than everyone else.  And then it makes me laugh when I see people enjoying something despite what the critics say.  Shows how much they know - right?

With all this said, I announce that I will start reviewing things: mostly movies, TV shows, and books, but possibly other things if I feel so inclined.  It's something that I notice established writers doing.  Orson Scott Card has his "Uncle Orson Reviews Everything" column, on which he posts about once a week.

In other words - I'm going to become a critic.

I really despise myself right now.

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