Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review - Alphas (Premiere)

Here come the new Syfy shows.  I celebrated by watching all three shows tonight.

"Eureka": Funny opening.  It reminded me of Syd & Marty Croft's "Far Out Space Nuts."

"Warehouse 13": Also funny.  New guy not as good as Myka.  Overblown Prius commercial made me laugh.

And to finish off the night, the premiere of "Alphas": The characters are interesting.  I liked watching them deal with everyday problems.  The science is silly, but cool. 

It's too early to tell if I like the show as a whole.  I found myself drifting off in a couple of places--maybe because of watching so much TV in one night.  We still haven't seen enough of the bad guys, though I liked "Monk gone bad."  I'm also a little confused as to who the doctor is watching over the Alphas.  I suspect that in future episodes, we'll learn more about this doctor and the bad guys.

One cool part (or corny part) was the one dude who just then learns that he's an "Alpha."  Imagine that!  You don't know you're something special, and then guess what?  You really are special!  That means there's hope for all of us!

I'll keep watching.  The characters may prove interesting enough to carry the show.

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