Saturday, June 25, 2011

XP Doesn't Run on New iMacs

Well, almost.  I'll explain the title in a minute.  This post continues my big iMac tirade, which will soon come to an end, after which I will quickly return to my I-can't-get-published tirade.

The story so far:
My 4.5-year-old iMac died.
I ordered a new iMac.
I opined over what killed my old iMac.
When my new iMac arrived, I restored the Mac data, but had problems with the PC restore.

Grading my experience so far:

Quality of the new iMac: A (I would prefer a red one, but they don't make those any more.)

Restoring the Mac side from a Time Machine backup: A+ (I got EVERYTHING back.)

Updated programs that came with the Mac: A (Either the programs weren't installed or the Time Machine restore overwrote them.  I had to run the install bundle program from the Applications disk.)

Installing Boot Camp: B (Easy to follow instructions helped me through the XP Installation, which was in itself confusing.)

XP Restore: C (I think I got all my files and programs back, but the Restore interface was confusing--asking questions that only programmers could understand.  I made the wrong choice and killed the drivers and had to spend another 30 minutes restore Windows XP.)

Installing Boot Camp Drivers: F (Just keep reading.)

That's right.  XP is 98% functional on my iMac, but I can't download the last pieces (the PC-to-Mac drivers) because Apple doesn't want to give them to me.  They have recently announced the phasing out of XP support.  That's typical of their "out with the old" mentality.  For example, Apple was the first to make computers without floppy disk drives.  Also, more recently, they have blocked Flash from functioning on iPads and iPhones.

I understand not wanting to provide support, but why can't Apple provide drivers that already exist?  I only need XP so my music software will run.  I don't want to pay $200 for an overbloated Windows 7 when the XP I already own used to work just fine.  I'm not certain if my music software will even work on Windows 7.  I could possibly need to pay yet another $200 to upgrade that software just to get it to work with Windows 7.

I have a better idea.  I already forked over umpteen dollars to buy a new iMac that purports to run Windows.  Apple, how about you just give me the drivers?  Microsoft still supports XP (at least until 2014), so why did you stop?

I'm not giving up the fight, though.  All I need is a driver that will get my internet working, and then I can grab the other stupid drivers myself.  Once I figure it out, I'll let you know how it works.

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