Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marjorie Hudson at Barnhill - Book Reading

Tonight at Barnhill's, Marjorie Hudson read from her book of short stories: Accidental Birds of the Carolinas.  The title refers to birds you don't expect to see in a given area.  Each story is about a Yankee coming down to the South and interacting with the natives.

The parts she read were witty, touching, and well written, complete with a wonderful Southern tone.

I was attracted to the elements of science interwoven into a couple of stories.  For example, in the first story, a science-learned woman comes down to the south.  At first she believes she's above them, but according to Marjorie, she doesn't stay that way.

I went ahead and bought a book.  I'll add it to my cue and review later.  Marjorie signed it for me.  I think I'm up to four signed books now.  Tonight was a first for me--the first time attending a book reading/signing.

There were about ten of us there listening.  Kevin Watson, publisher and founding editor was there to present Marjorie.  The rest of us were two librarians, one published writer, and other aspiring writers like me.  The one published writer was Valerie Nieman.  If there were any others, they didn't identify themselves.

It was a fun experience meeting and listening to Marjorie.

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