Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review - Pirates 4

Arrgh!!  It was exactly what I expected.  Long.  Fun to watch.  Lots of swashbuckling.  And when it was over, the plot started to fade quicker than my grandma's underpants.  Wait!  There was a plot?

The fourth of Bruckheimer's Pirates series, On Stranger Tides, delivers as promised.  It has lots of Johnny Depp--possibly more than the other three movies combined.  As usual, the semblance of a plot is only an excuse to string together a fun sequence of fight scenes and special effects.

This movie is worth watching in 3-D, though the depth of some of the special effects doesn't quite always agree.  Unlike some recent 3-D disasters, this movie was actually filmed in 3-D and not converted.

Our whole family went to see this movie.  The youngest got bored, but the others had fun.  When we got home, there was plenty of swashbuckling going on until we made them go to bed.  The scantily-clad mermaids did make them a little uncomfortable; but never fear.  Strategic membranes cover up any whatevers-you-call-them-when-you're-children-are-around. 

In my review of the first movie, I mention a certain topologically impossible feat.  Well in #4, Jack Sparrow does not disappoint.  When he is tied up to a palm tree and he can't get his hands free; he shimmies his way up the tree--ropes tied around him the whole way.  (His friend watches in amazement.)  The camera switches to the top of the tree in time to show us Jack emerge and escape from the ropes.  What I'd like to have seen was how Jack got those ropes around all those branches at the very top of the tree!!

Then again, I ought to go easy on Bruckheimer--who, after all, produced Armageddon with all its bad science.  It's only a movie, right?

If you're looking for a fun 3-D movie with lots of action, and you don't want to think too much, then this is the movie to see.  Go have fun!

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