Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Writer's Conference: Registering

Here goes nothing.  I'm signing up for the Writer's Conference now.  You can check my recent posts for more details on the decisions I've had to make so far.

I've landed on the one-day option, no hotel stay, and the Manuscript Mart.  No Master Class, and no Critique Service.  Also, I've already signed up for membership in the NCWN, which provides a discount.

Okay let's see: it asks me my meal preference.  Meat or Vegetarian.  I'll pick "meat" because I'm not a poet.

My personal info comes next.  I enter in the required fields.  For the phone numbers, I'll go ahead and provide that info (home and cell).  These are people I don't mind bugging me - especially if opportunities are involved; though I'll let you know if I start getting weird spam.

Then I must choose a class for each of the three Saturday sessions (not going Sunday).  This is only for headcount purposes.  If I change my mind at the last moment, then meh.

Session I: I'll choose "Promoting Yourself" with Linda Rohrbough.  (Though the Archetypal Characters session also looks interesting.)
Session II: Panel Discussion: Critique Groups with Michael Shinn and Chaytor Chandler.
Session III: From Writer to Entrepreneur: How Building a Theme-Based Web Site Can Take You There with Ashley Thomas Memory.

Final Cost with everything considered: $200 (Conference fee - Saturday only - includes meals) + $150 (Manuscript Mart) + $75 (Membership Fee) = $425.  Wow - that'll kill my budget for awhile!  I hope this is worth it.  I'll let you know what happens!


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