Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Silver Lining - Chapter 1

Here's a sample of something I'm working on right now.  I just finished the third draft of Chapter 1 of "The Silver Lining."  Click here to see the entire first chapter.  In a query package to a publisher, this is what I will send along with a synopsis of the whole novel.  And then the publisher will like it so much that she will ask me to send the whole manuscript.  (Right?)

This book is about angels interacting with humans on earth.  Chapter 1 introduces the earthly players.  Thomas is a family man - struggling to make the right decisions in life.  He's a Mormon, but his wife is Presbyterian.  You'll have to read to see what happens next...

Here are the opening lines:

    You are such a beautiful girl.

    Thomas watched his daughter, Angela, playing on the swing set. Only three years old, she could already swing by herself. That's what she learned that day. Back and forth, she kicked her legs and made herself go higher, bit by bit. Gleefully she laughed. "You don't have to push me anymore."

    She's growing up so fast. How did I get so lucky to have such a girl?

    She stopped kicking and asked, "How do I stop? Get me off!"

    "You can do it. Just wait and you'll slow down."

    Angela waited until she was slow enough, and then she jumped off and ran to her father. "Did you see me?"

    Thomas picked up the little girl with blond pigtails and twirled her around. "Of course I saw you," he said.

    "I can swing!" she said joyfully.

    "You'll have to show Mommy when she gets home. She'll be so proud."

    Angela gave him a kiss and said, "I love you, Daddy."

    Thomas smiled. Who could ask for anything more? I wish this moment could last forever.

    Suddenly, Angela giggled and ran as fast as she could across the yard, which wasn't really fast.

    "Oh no!" said Thomas. "You can't get away from me! I'm going to tickle you!"

    She screamed in mock terror.

    What a beautiful girl. Where has all the time gone? It was only yesterday when she was one, eating her first birthday cake.

Enjoy - and feel free to comment.

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