Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Me Depressed?

Today is National Depression Screening Day.  As an aspiring writer, I'm supposed to be depressed - at least that's what I read.  We geniuses are prone to depression - and I do seem to have my bouts.  One day I'm happy and pushing forward with everything and then BAM!  I don't want to do anything for a few days.  It usually hits when it starts getting cold outside, and when the days are getting slower, and I have to start worrying about Christmas shopping and taking a break from writing to do actuarial exams.  And on top of all that ...

I can't get published.

Man - sometimes life just sucks.

And then I eat some ice cream and I'm back on track.

So I took their online screening test.  Click on the link above, and you can take the test, too.  See if you're depressed.  I failed the test - it said my profile isn't consistent with depression.

And you know what?  That just plain sucks, too.  If it's not a medical condition, then I really am depressed.  I have real reasons to be sad.

Great - now I'm depressed.  I'm going to eat some ice cream.

Bonus question - does anyone recognize this artifact from the sci-fi show Warehouse 13?

Happy writing!  Or sad writing - whatever the case may be.

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