Thursday, August 25, 2011

USPC Puzzle Championship 2011

I've been a little busy lately--tidying up stories and preparing for this year's USPC Puzzle Competition.  This Saturday starting at 1PM, I will join hundreds of other geeky types in solving as many puzzles as possible in 2 1/2 hours. 

You score points for every puzzle you solve correctly.  I think you get around 400 points total.  In 2007 (or 2008) I tried this contest for the first time and scored 70 points.  Then I missed a couple of years due to conflicts. 

I tried again last year with the goal of breaking 100 points.  I was doing great.  I earned 70 points in the first hour, with a full 1 1/2 hours left.  Then something happened.  I froze!  I couldn't finish another puzzle.  Then in the last ten minutes, I decided to end with one of those "count the triangles in this picture" puzzle.  I thought I had the right answer, but was off by one.  They took off 5 points.  Final score = 65.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

This time I'll do it.  100 points!!!!  Bonsai!!!!

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