Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Syfy Summer 2011 Report

Are you, like me, enjoying the Syfy summer?  I'm currently watching four of their shows.

Alphas: A pleasant surprise, this show has turned out to be very entertaining.  The dialogue is intelligently written.  The characters are interesting and remarkably consistent.  The powers are still a little confusing (such as Rachel's ability to figure out what angle the bullet came from in the Pilot, an ability she hasn't used since--now that Hicks can do that stuff).  The villain(s) are cool.  And what exactly is happening at that Compound where they send the bad Alphas?

It feels like anything could happen, and even any of the main characters could go bad.  I predict it's going to be Gary.

My only complaint: is this show really in the same universe as Eureka and Warehouse 13?  This show is on such a higher level, that they would be better off not associating with these other shows.

Eureka: I'll keep watching as long as they keep showing this show, but I wouldn't miss it if they took it away.  The shows are still funny, but the science is getting weirder and more "don't worry--we have a new technology to fix this"-ish.  Carter's solutions are also becoming more, "All these other geniuses really didn't come up with that idea?"-ish.

The mission to Titan doesn't interest me that much.  In fact, I keep asking myself, "Isn't this Eureka?  Why don't they just go to Titan?  They haven't prepared for anything before!"

I do like the Beverly taking over Allison's mind story line.  Though, I'm having trouble remembering why Beverly was evil.  That was like Season 1, and they never went back to it until now?  Does she know about the time change?  And why did her evilness survive unscathed through the time change?

I won't think about it, and I'll just enjoy... just enjoy... just enjoy...

Warehouse 13: This show remains funny and fresh.  I like the new Myka without glasses.  Also, the chemistry is building between her and Pete.

The science behind the show still drives me up the wall.  Why should the fame of a person cause items that they own to inherit strange powers?  And wouldn't more people come to know about this and become used to it?

I won't think about it, and I'll just enjoy... just enjoy... just enjoy...

I like the new guy, but he's boring.  He's "Mr. Poopypants," the Abbott to everyone else's Costello.  He's quiet, and he's Buddhist.  He also happens to be gay.  Yes, I initially rolled my eyes at another show's attempt to jump on the latest bandwagon; but if we are to have the token gay dude, these writers are doing it right.  It's not preachy and "in your face."  He's not complaining about how different he is and about how nobody understands him.  He's just a different person leading a different, yet normal life.  It even made for one funny interaction when Pete took off his shirt in front of him.

Haven: I would worry if they aired my show right after WWE wrestling.  Is Friday night the night that Syfy shows go to die, now?

I do enjoy this show, even though some of the episodes are hit and miss.  The two Audreys story line is very interesting, and I'm wondering where they're going with this.  And where did that spooky building disappear off to?  That was cool and Stephen King-y.

We already know that the blond Audrey is the fake one.  She just doesn't know it yet.  She's really Lucy.  ;)

Where are they going with the Duke's wife story line?  (I'm a couple of weeks behind on this show.)  She looks like she could make a fun bad guy, but right now, she's just a boring character.

I just hope they wrap up the big questions this season, as it may not begin a 3rd season.

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