Monday, August 29, 2011

I Need a New Title

Help!  I need a catchier title for this blog.  I'm tired of seeing my full name in every Google search result that references my blog.  I'm thinking something like: "Mel's Something" or "The <blank> of Mel" or maybe an acronym like "My Ever Lasting Blog."  (That spells MELB.)  I'd also like the title to be short so people will see more of each individual post titles in the Google Searches.

I first started out with "Mel-o-rama's Writing Blog."

I quickly changed it to "Mel-o-rama's Club of Aspiring Writers."

And now it is "Melvyn Windham - Aspiring Writer."

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Mel's Meanderings; The Mind of Mel. Hmmmm. I'll put my thinking cap on :-)

Melvyn Windham said...

Thank you, oh mysterious anonymous person!

This is what I'm leaning toward now:

Title: The Word of Mel
Sub-title: The Meanderings of Melvyn Windham, Aspiring Sci-fi Writer

Watcha think?