Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Press 53 Author/Member Dinner and Soiree

This past Wednesday, the Press 53 Center for Creative Writing held their first Author/Member Dinner.  Valerie Nieman and Marjorie Hudson were the two featured authors.  Over dinner they talked about their books, told stories about getting published, and opined on the process of writing.  Each participant received a book from each author: Blood Clay and Accidental Birds of the Carolinas (watch for reviews in a couple of months as soon as I finish reading them).

The food was good.  The company was nice.  Valerie and Marjorie had a lot to offer.  Valerie is a sci-fi writer turned into a gritty Southern fiction writer.  Marjorie is a creative non-fiction writer turned into a Southern short fiction writer.  Both of the books listed above deal with the concept of strangers visiting the South, though approached in two entirely different ways.

I left the event ready to write my own stories, after having been inspired by their success stories.

After dinner came the Summer Soiree, which was free and open to the public.  It was a great opportunity to socialize, make contacts and have a good time.  Here are a few pictures, courtesy of Kevin Watson's camera and several photographers.

Valerie Nieman and Me
Marjorie Hudson and Me

Kevin Watson (Founding Editor of Press 53) Doing Something
Sarah Lingley (Press 53 Intern) and Me: Future Writers of America
Stacy Hope Jones (Press 53 Center for Creative Writing Director) and Valerie
Soiree is Another Word for Party
Steve Mitchell (in back) Shows Off a Stoic Pose
The Center for Creative Writing is a Happy Place
Touring the Center - That's Dicy McCullough Off to the Right
Stacy and Me
Beware of Redheads
Sisters in Crime
Valerie and Sarah


Erin Latimer said...

Hi, I just added your blog. It's nice to see another writer passionate about getting published. I'd love you to check mine out too: www.museslibrary.blogspot.com

Melvyn Windham said...

Good to meet you, Erin!