Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato = Anime Come to Life

Any Space Battleship Yamato fans out there?  Or, should I say Star Blazers?  This classic anime has hit the big screen in Japan.  It's a live-action remake, and it looks well done.  Check out this trailer...

This movie is getting great reviews.  It was the #1 movie in Japan, pushing Harry Potter #7.1 aside.  It has a score of 7.3 on (out of 92 votes). 

Even if you've never seen the 1970's TV anime, you would probably recognize the major plot lines, which have been borrowed in many subsequent sci-fi productions.  Basically, Earth is getting pounded.  The only way to save Earth is to send a ship to a far away planet to retrieve a device that will save the day.  But they must hurry, as they only have one year before everything dies.  As you may gather, this is no easy task.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Battlestar Galactica, perhaps?  Or perhaps you've seen the 13-episode run of the unfinished Babylon 5 sequel Crusade?  In the latter show, the protagonists are given five full years to seek out the cure to the disease that is killing Earth.

My only complaint about this movie: I CAN'T SEE IT!  (Otherwise I'd be able to give a more smashing review.)

There's no word as to when and if they'll release it in the USA.  Someone has to bring it here.  Please!  Please!  Please!  Somebody translate it!  Buy the rights!  We'll pay!

Go Kodai!

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