Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Missed "V" Last Night and Now I'm Screwed?

As a sci-fi writer, I watch a lot of sci-fi shows.  I have to keep up with what's going on.  I was actually enjoying watching "V" - the remake - on ABC.

That is, until last night.  I was doing something else at 9PM and the DVR got a little confused.  The result: I missed it.  I wasn't angry, because after all, this is 2011, and if you miss a show, you can always find it online or catch it On Demand.


When I went searching for it tonight, I discovered that it's gone.  It's not On Demand.  So I went to  But no dice.  They state: "Streaming rights for full episodes are no longer available."  Okay, next I went to  This is where I really get angry.  They have a note that says:
Fellow V fans,

It is with much regret that we must inform you that full episodes of V will not be available on or Hulu for Season 2. Just like you, we truly wish full episodes were playing here. But we also hope our detailed recaps will keep you informed and entertained should you ever miss an episode.

Best always,

The Team
Are they really trying to kill off the series like this?  Do they really mean to show it one time and no reruns?  In this day and age, no show can survive like this.  Most successful shows will show multiple times on multiple channels and be available through several different streaming options. 

And boy are "V" fans angry!  As one poster on hulu says to the producers of "V":  "Come on get with the Times!!!! 21st Century Much????"

On, there are 1785 comments in response to their letter, and not even one comment is positive.  Most of them are along the lines of "You just lost another viewer, ABC."

But before blaming ABC, I don't think it's entirely their fault.  There are no official statements as to why they refuse to stream the show, but there are rumors going around.  The most prevalent believable rumor is that Warner Brothers is the real culprit.  In the past, they have demonstrated that they will do whatever it takes to maximize their profits.  After all, they have every right to do so.  If they think "V" is in high demand, they may decide that it's in their best interest to limit the supply to bring in more money - even if it means making the fans angry.

I think I know where the producers are going with this.  They hope that when the viewers see that the only way to watch "V" is to catch it on Tuesday nights, then they will all tune in live - and then the Nielsen ratings will go up.  But can you say, BACKFIRE?

With so many angry fans, people are just going to stop watching.  Viewership will drop like a rock, and the show will be canceled, and then the cash cow will be shot.

As it is now, Season 2 episodes are not available anywhere (legally) - not even on iTunes or  So, even if you didn't mind paying $4 to watch, it's not even an option at this time.

To Warner Brothers, ABC, and other greedy producers, I say: it's not too late.  Save this show.  Make your fans happy.  Turn streaming back on.

Or, you can do what you usually do and stick to your guns and ruin another decent show.



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