Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mel's Year In Review: 2012

Wow!  2012 went by so quickly!  Looking back at my goals from a year ago, I see that I just went through a great struggle.  The biggest "disappointment" was in coming to realize how unready my short stories (and even my two novels) are for publication.  My Uncle Orson's Writing Class experience was eye opening.  Now I know what my short stories need, but there's so little time to revise them.

The result ... my submissions dropped like a rock.  And with taking a break for taking an actuarial exam, my writing has also come to a complete stop.

Now with Christmas and all that behind me, I can get back to work.  Let's try this again!  But first, let's see what I did accomplish this past year ...

  • Novel Writing -- All of my efforts went into short story writing.  Though, I would really love to work on my Time Sleuths story (which is hilarious), or Space Cadets (which is partly autobiographical).
  • Short Stories
    • "Depths of Inner Space" -- submitted twice and got two rejections.  After getting several useful critiques, I realize now what this story needs.  After revision, I'll start sending this out again.
    • "When Time Flows West" -- submitted once and got a rejection.  It's currently going through an overhaul.
    • The Silver Lining: O My Father -- submitted to a contest and never got a response back, which I assume is a rejection.
    • "Stanley Saucer: Space Assassin" -- a new story I wrote this year in the vein of Austin Powers.  I thought it was pretty funny, but it was rejected in less than 24 hours.
    • "Jesse Flag" -- another new story about a man who learns that his dying father is hiding a rebellious Jesse Flag, the Stars and Bars.  Still in its first draft.
    • "Descendant History" -- started and in progress.
    • "A Light in the Darkness" -- started and in progress. 
  • I attended Orson Scott Card's Writing Class.  I actually tried out for the Boot Camp, but was rejected.  When I wrote this blog entry, I thought that perhaps my smashing story excerpt was too good to be selected, but now that I've gone through the class, I'm not so sure.  Oh, and a hint to those who try out next year, Mr. Card really hates the use of vomiting as a tool of suspense.  At least the stuff I learned was invaluable and will hopefully help me get published in 2013. 
  • I did succeed somewhat in increasing my net.  I seem to have gained a few friends online, mainly through my Write 1 Sub 1 dealings.
  • I joined up with another online critique service ... Critters.  I now prefer this over the Absolute Write critiquing forum, and will provide a review later on in January.
  • My Facebook Fan Page finally got 50 likes.  It's now up to 62.  Feel free to join the numbers!
  • I continued posting in this blog and in my other blog, The Econo-Mel.
    • Total of 61 posts, averaging one post a week.
    • In July, I broke the 1000 views per month barrier.  This was topped again in November and December.  In general, the views are supposed to be proportional to the number of posts, but it seems that I've met some kind of critical mass, seeing how I only did one post in all of December.  Then again, the recent influx could be some day-job recruiters checking me out, because I'm currently looking for other opportunities.  :)
    • In September, I hit a total 10,000 views.  Now I'm up to 14,000.
    • I reviewed 5 books, 17 movies, 22 TV shows, 7 restaurants, 3 games, and a few other items. 
    • My personal favorite posts of the year...
How did you do in 2012?  Let's all do even better in 2013!

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