Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The End of Eureka

It's finally over.  SyFy's Eureka has come to an end.  After a weak third season, it closes with a decent fourth season and a strong fifth.  At one time I couldn't care less if they took the show off the air, but now I believe I'm going to miss it.

I'm going to miss Colin Ferguson and his quirky stupid-yet-smarter persona.  That guy said "thingy" about as much as I do.  (Don't believe me?  Ask my wife.)  I'm also going to miss the ever-smiling Deputy Andy and the dorky Fargo with his crackpot schemes.  Even Wil Wheaton was starting to grow on me.  Did you know he has a blog?  It's pretty funny.

Eureka had its moments.  The science was actually pretty bad, but I never cared.  Sometimes it got a little annoying that the One Helpful Experiment always happened to be going on at the same time as a crisis occurred, and only Sheriff Carter figured out the connection--but that never really bugged me that much, either.

The funny situations these characters got into is what made the show work so well.  They had time travel, wormholes, alternate realities, disasters that could destroy the world but didn't, spaceships that could travel at the speed of light, and all kinds of cool gadgets and experiments.

I believe this show ended at the right time.  Yes, I know SyFy basically cancelled them and gave them one last season to wrap things up, but this last episode was a good ending.  I could have done without the "we're shutting you down" thingy.  And toward the end, I feared that a diabolus ex machina was going to take away Sheriff Carter's life--especially when he saw his Eureka life flash before his eyes.  But luckily he just landed on the pavement with a big bump.

Everyone lived.  Even the dog.  Eureka was saved.  And as Sheriff Carter drove out of the city limits, ... well ... you knew it was coming.  Didn't we all see that ending coming ever since the first episode?  (Or was that a later episode with one of those time travel thingies?)

What was it Sheriff Carter said?  "We'll take care of that tomorrow."

That was funny.

Eureka had a good run.  Goodbye, all you geniuses!

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