Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review - Brave

I'm beginning to wonder if Pixar is capable of creating a bad movie.  Brave continues their winning streak.  What is their secret?  As always, it's the script.  The animation is superb, but Pixar knows what most people really care about.  It's the characters and story that pulls people in.  Who can hate a redheaded hothead who's frustrated with her queen mother and who simply wants to control her own life?

This one simple secret explains where Pixar excels while other animation companies fail.  Putting together a full-length computer animation takes a lot of work, and if the script isn't up to the task, all that animation effort is just a grand waste of money.  If the script sucks, people aren't going to say, "But look at the breathtaking animation."  They're going to say, "You don't need to see this movie."

Brave is funny.  It's serious.  It's exciting at some points.  It gets a little scary.  There's even a little funny semi-nudity (note that none of my Mormon children got embarrassed--you can see one instance in the trailer).  In short, this movie has everything.

I'm struggling to come up with any good complaints.  I suppose I would have liked to see more sci-fi action.  I mean, every story could use more sci-fi.  Right?  Well, this movie works fine as it is now, so tough luck for me.

I watched this movie in 2-D and didn't feel like I missed a thing.  Unless you really like having those clunky glasses on your face, I'd suggest saving the $3.  Remember, it's the script that makes the movie such a great success.

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