Thursday, September 23, 2010

Resting From Blogging

I'm still resting from blogging this week.  This post doesn't count.  I'm just going to say random things, but you can read if you want to.

First off, I noticed a clear theme from my posts last week: "I am an aspiring writer who wants to get published."  So, first thing I'm going to do is change the name of my blog.

Old name: Mel-o-rama's Writing Blog

New name: Mel-o-rama's Club of Aspiring Writers

I believe this new name better reflects what I hope to accomplish.  This week while I'm resting from blogging, I'm going to check out other blogs.  My wife says: "You know Mel, I bet someone else has already done the 'Club of Aspiring Writers' thing.  Maybe you should check them out."  I told my wife: "Yes, dear," and so I will go out there and seek out new blogs (new to me) that have anything to do with writing and subscribe/follow.

I also invite all you readers to make comments - make suggestions - join the discussion.

Let's see how my blog's doing so far.  I click on the "Stats" link, and this is what I see: I have 82 pageviews so far.  My most visited post is "Fun at Tab Williams", the human interest story.  (Take note: more people will read my posts when I don't talk about myself.)

Geography: US = 76; Canada = 3; Singapore = 2; South Korea = 1.  Wow - I'm international!!

Traffic Sources: It looks like Facebook wins with a count of 16 (whatever the count means).  Whoooo!!!  Thanks to my Facebook friends!

Then comes Google with a count of 7 - which means people are starting to randomly find my blog.

Last random thing:

A friend of mine sent this link about author head shots.  Very funny article!  I'm glad that my current excuse of a head shot doesn't fall into one of these categories!

See y'all next week.

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