Friday, November 10, 2017

Checkpoint #5 - 2017

I have no excuses. Sure, I was busy the first part of the year putting hours upon hours into my music publishing business. And after I launched Melkim Classical at the end of September, I did nothing and relaxed for a whole month (except for a few projects here and there).

In the fiction world, this meant no working on these stories that are still in my head; no working on my book "Justice" which only needs to be edited one last time and get published; no story submissions; no more stories currently outstanding. I'm still at 6 total submissions.

In other words, these past two months (in which I finally had a good one month chance to be productive) was my worst period so far this year.

Though, there's one good news item: my story "When Time Flows West" won an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. I'm not sure if that puts me in the top 10% or 5%, but at least it's a good sign that I'm not writing total crap. If anything, it tells me that I'd be crazy to stop writing now. Once I find out more, I'll give more detail.

In a funny sense, my worst checkpoint period of the year also turned out to be my best checkpoint period of the year.

Whatever my excuses, or pains, or whatever, I really have no choice but to buck up and just finish the year out strong. I can write at least one short story and reboot the old writing machine.

I did write 15 blog entries, nearly double my last period's output. And again, a little more than half of those are related to Melkim Publishing.

I hope your writing is doing well.

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