Friday, May 5, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Big Trouble in Space

There are some movies I just have to catch for the "midnight" showing, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was one of them. I went, I saw, and it delivered exactly what was expected. From eye-popping special effects and cinematography to hilarious music, action and crazy antics, the movie kept me entertained.

Starlord, during one of his gang's messed up missions, comes to meet his father, played by Kurt Russel (insert girly nerdy scream), and learns about his true origins. And just as in the first movie, the Guardians must save the galaxy -- again.

As a Marvel movie, don't expect anything brainy. This is one of those put-your-seatbelts-on-suspend-belief-and-enjoy-the-ride movies. It doesn't quite live up to the same magic as the first one, mostly because the audience already knows the characters, thus the writers could take more time with character development.

Of course, there are the many scenes where our heroes survive onslaughts that would kill off any normal beings, but who cares?

My only complaint is that the writers seemed a little too preoccupied with sexual innuendo jokes. A couple here and there should be sufficient, like in the first movie. But all over the place? Vol 2 left me wondering why they now let teenagers in the writing room. There's even one scene -- perhaps about five minutes long -- that takes place where half nude robots walk around flirting with everyone. It reminded me too much of Futurama and the robots weren't even cute. With that in mind, I would suggest keeping your pre-13 kids at home. Even my older teenagers who went felt a little uncomfortable at times.

As for 3-D, the producers filmed it with a "perfect" conversion in mind. I hear they did a good job, and I'm sure the IMAX version is super awesome. But you know what? They did such a good job in preparing for 3-D that I felt like I had watched it in 3-D even though I went to the 2-D version. I felt as if I enjoyed the entire effect without even having to wear the annoying glasses!

The incidental music was great, but nothing special. The music from the 70s and 80s, on the other hand, helped give the movie its charm. My only disappointment there was that they couldn't fit in "Hooked on a Feeling" again?

Still, go see this movie while it's still in the theater. Bring your older kids. Have fun.

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