Monday, February 29, 2016

Two Month Update - Checkpoint #1

In January, I set some goals for the year and promised to check in every two months. Now on this wonderful leap day, I give this first report.

In general, I have increased the amount of writing, compared with before. I've written a few posts in this blog as well as a couple on my other special-interest blogs. I'm also doing more editing of my book than before.

However, I'm still behind in my goals.

The novel Justice: I had to go back and fix some earlier chapters, and I had a few struggles with scheduling and technology, but I did finish everything up through Chapter 7. I expected to be closer to Chapter 10 at this stage, but I'm still on target to finishing way before October, so I won't try to catch up. By next check-in (April 30), I should be up to Chapter 16.

Short-story submissions: I had set the goal for 26 submissions this year. The good news is that I got one out there two weeks ago. Bad news is that I should be up to 4 already. I'll shoot for 6 submissions over the next two months to start catching up.

How are you doing on your writing goals?

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