Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ant-Man: This Is No Small Movie

Talk about surpassing expectations.  When I first saw the movie poster for Ant-Man, I thought, "Really Marvel?  This is stupid.  Do you really expect me to believe yet another one of your superheroes?  I mean ... being small is a superpower.  Really?"

But then after seeing a trailer that didn't look so bad, I figured it was worth a try.  Even though it's another one of those Marvel-formula movies, it was surprisingly funny, original, entertaining, and sufficiently action-packed.

In fact, among the Marvel movies, I'd place this one near the top.  I enjoyed Ant-Man more than both Avengers movies, and maybe even more than the first Thor.  I even laughed much harder than I did with Guardians of the Galaxy, even though the latter was overall funnier.

My only complaint (aside from inconsistent science, which I don't care much about) is that the writers chose to place Ant-Man in the same Avenger universe.  The movie does so well as a standalone, it doesn't need that extra baggage.  The tie-in felt forced and unnecessary, but yet still entertaining and funny.  The writers will do what they do, and they evidently have future plans for Ant-Man.

Perhaps after the movie's successful opening we should hope to see him again sometime soon.  Count me in!

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