Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Cannot Control My YouTube Accounts

Okay, I have to whinge.  Again, Google is trying to be the end-all answer to everything, while at the same time coming up with the most bonehead decisions -- as if intentionally trying to find ways to make life difficult for people who use their products.

It all started a long time ago (2008) when I created this YouTube channel: Melorama2000.  There, you can go to see me perform some piano pieces and some of my compositions.

Then when Google+ came out, I jumped on the opportunity and signed up as soon as I could.

Then a few months ago, I noticed that my YouTube account had bifurcated.  I have the original Melorama2000 channel, and now a "Melvyn Windham" channel on YouTube.  The latter channel is basically empty.  There are no videos for you to watch.  There's no history.  It's some weird ghost channel that Google decided to create for me that I never intend to use.

Plus, Google took the "initiative" to create this Melorama2000 Google+ page for me that's linked to my "real" YouTube account.  There, I don't make any posts.  I don't follow anyone.  Somehow I have 1 single follower.  For all intents and purposes, it's a weird ghost page that I didn't create and that I have no intention of using.

So, I have these annoying ghost page and account.  Is that really something to complain about?  Get this...

On my real Google+ profile, there's this YouTube tab, but you can't see my YouTube videos, because they're linked to another Google+ account.  You think there'd be a way to link my "real" YouTube account to my "real" Google+ account, but guess what ... YOU CAN'T.  The ghost "Melvyn Windham" YouTube channel is "permanently" linked to my "real" Google+ account, and you can only link one channel to an account.  So, I'm out of luck.


What I want (and it's a simple desire), is to have fans go to my profile, click on my YouTube tab, and see all my 80+ YouTube videos.  Is that too much to ask for?  But evidently, I just can't have that.

And I'm not the only one.  I've come across several forum posts where people want to change how their accounts are linked, and then someone knowledgeable comes along and says, "You just can't," and other people say, "Why the heck not?" and "Why does Google keep ignoring us?" and so on.  There really is no solution?

Just like with Apple, Google doesn't have good customer service when things go wrong.  It's so much easier to ignore the few that have issues, and put on their "What's wrong with you ... everyone else is happy" faces.  Any feedback I send in private gets ignored.  But I've learned that a complaint in public gets much faster results.

Have any of you had to deal with this issue?  Have you been able to successfully link your desired YouTube channel to your desired Google+ profile (not "page" ... it has to be the profile)?  Tell me your stories.

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