Monday, May 13, 2013

Iron Man 3

Who says sequels always suck?  Iron Man 3 may be my favorite of the trilogy.  The movie not only delivers action and awesome special effects, but it also delivers a real story that is both interesting, somewhat complex, and yet easy to follow.  Some complain that it doesn't deliver enough effects, but I'll take story over effects any day.

A terrorist, the "Mandarin," is bombing several different targets, but Ironman wants to put a stop to it.  Tony Stark, again, plays the quirky almost hero, who mostly prevails while things don't turn out exactly as he wanted them to.  Hmmm ... I guess that part does sound like the first two movies.  The movie also makes use of well-timed and well-placed humor.  Okay ... that was also in the first two movies.

Okay ... it was just awesome and entertaining.

Ben Kingsley gave a great performance as the "Mandarin," though many may be disappointed by the character.  Downey was good.  Paltrow was good.  Jon Favreau, director of the first two movies, reprises his own role as Happy.

I recommend seeing this one in the theater.  3-D is optional, as it wasn't shot in 3-D.  I wouldn't recommend it for children under 13.  Have fun watching!

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