Monday, February 4, 2013

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies has got to be the most optimistic zombie movie I've ever seen.  In most other movies, zombies don't think.  They don't have feelings.  There is no cure except for a shot in the head.

But as you can see from this first minute clip, these zombies are different.  They seem to hold on to some semblance of their former lives.  R is the main character.  He has a best friend zombie.  He has a routine.  He's searching for more purpose to his undead life.

He meets this girl.  She stirs feelings in him.  He decides to protect her instead of eating her.  His heart beats a couple of beats ... and by now you should get the picture.  This is your typical zombie meets girl film.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  It's funny.  The style is hilarious.  I like the part where R is eating this dude and he stops to think, "Nice watch."  The whole movie is a simple plot, low-key, relaxing, zombie chick flick.

Is this film worth spending $7 to watch in the theater?  That depends.  If you and your wife happen to both like zombies, this could be a fun date night movie, though I wouldn't recommend eating spaghetti before or after the show.  Other than the date night scenario, you may prefer to wait till this hits DVDs/streaming.  This movie can be enjoyed just as much at home than in the theater.  Plus you won't have to worry about anyone spoiling the movie for you in the meantime, as with the simple plot, you probably already know how it's going to end.

Well ... there were some parts I didn't see coming.

Also, I would guess that hardcore zombie fans may not appreciate this deviation from the norm.  Even I said, "Zombies can't do that" in the first five minutes.   But if you do go and watch, make sure to relax and enjoy the show.  It has its moments.

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