Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 TV Fall Preview

The Fall Season is upon us.  Schedules are set.  Are you ready to happily lose hours a week watching the return of your favorite shows as well as some upcoming new shows?  I'm a little excited.

However, it looks like I'll be watching less TV than I have in past years.  With the cancellation of a couple of my regular shows, and slim sci-fi pickings in the upcoming shows, there just won't be as much for me to watch.

The biggest disappointment is FOX who cancelled their profitable "Terra Nova" just when it was starting to get interesting.  And there's not even one good new show (that I'm interested in) to take its place.  This may be the first time in a long time that I've seen FOX not provide even one new sci-fi show.

New shows I will try out this season...

Revolution on NBC (premiere: Sept. 17): This show explores what happens after all the lights go out all over the world.  A mysterious EMP-like something knocks out everything, including batteries and engines, etc.  The world's current governments fall apart, and people try to survive in a new world, and possibly even try to figure out how to turn the lights back on.  This show looks interesting, especially with J. J. Abrams at the helm.

Last Resort on ABC (premiere: Sept. 27): A powerful nuclear submarine receives orders to annihilate Pakistan.  The commander refuses and flees from his own government.  Armed with nukes, this show looks like it could be a fun action/thriller ride.

The Neighbors on ABC (premiere: Sept. 26): A family moves in to a neighborhood filled with aliens.  Evidently, critics are already panning this show.  Yeah, it looks stupid, and it probably won't last more than five episodes, but it's sci-fi, and it does seem to have some funny bits.  I'll give it one or two episodes to catch my interest.

Shows I'm passing on include:

666 Park Avenue (ABC): it looks like it could have some cool religious sci-fi elements, but it seems too centered around sexual desires.  No thanks.

Arrow (CW): the telling of the Green Arrow might have caught my attention earlier, but after what Smallville became, I'm not interested.

Beauty and the Beast (CW): See my comment above concerning Smallville.  Plus, this show conflicts with Person of Interest and The Office.

Returning shows I'm looking forward to (or currently running):

Alphas (SyFy - on now for a few more weeks)
Warehouse 13 (SyFy - on now for a few more weeks)
Grimm (NBC - on now - they started super early)
Doctor Who (BBC America - Sept. 8 - it's about time!  Note that this is one week after the premiere in the UK - those buggers!)
The Office (NBC - Sept. 20 - this is their last season)
Haven (SyFy - Sept. 21 - if they don't delay it again)
Person of Interest (CBS - Sept. 27 - still a family favorite)
Fringe (FOX - Sept. 28 - their last season, and it looks like a doozy)
Once Upon a Time (ABC - Sept. 30 - now that everyone remembers who they are, will this show get dumb?)
The Simpsons (FOX - Sept. 30 - D'oh!)
The Walking Dead (AMC - Oct. 14 - Season 3 looks to be very good)
Touch (FOX - Oct. 26 - Hate the "science," but good stories)
Psych (USA - premiere sometime in the Fall)

Update (8/22/2012): Doctor Who has been moved up to Sept. 1 to be in synch with the UK.  Yeah!

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