Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mel-o-rama Now on Twitter

I am now on Twitter.  I am Melorama2000.  Look me up.

I have heard at least ten times in the last year that I need a Twitter account to promote my writing (and/or music).  Scores of writers use Twitter to build up their internet persona.  If you collect many followers, they all become potential book buyers.  Makes sense to me.

I'll be able to send blog updates to Twitter (like I do to my private Facebook account), which will translate into more blog page hits!

Plus, I can follow other people and build up a network.  If successfully done, one day a publisher will see my manuscript on their desk, and they will say, "I know him from Twitter.  He has so many connections, so I know his book will sell.  Let's see if it's any good..."

Yeah, that'll be me in a year!  (I hope!)

If you have a Twitter account, let me know and I'll check you out as well.

Happy networking!

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