Friday, March 11, 2011

Review - Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles was a fun ride.  In this military sci-fi flick, aliens are invading, and we try to fight back.  Everything is seen from one platoon's point of view.  The movie begins in the thick of things when we're already under attack.  Then it pulls a "24 hours earlier" when we get to meet the platoon, and we see things unfold from the beginning.  When the action returns it never lets up.

What I liked: Everything looked so real.  The laws of physics all seem to be followed correctly.  The acting is superb.  The music was appropriate.  This movie is a vastly more believable than Starship Troopers.  The aliens don't have magical impenetrable shields like in Independence Day, though they are definitely technologically advanced.  There are no unbelievable saves such as trying to upload a virus from a Macbook.  If we were to be invaded in real life, this movie is what it would look like.

The only thing I didn't like was that I forgot to bring my Dramamine.  Similar to Cloverfield, most shots seem to be taken from a hand-held camera, except there really isn't a person holding the camera who gets addressed.  It's clear that they did this for effect.  It works well, but I hope they don't start filming all movies in Pukovision.  (BTW, I liked Cloverfield a lot as well.)

I'd recommend this movie for anyone who likes military movies.  It's also good for any sci-fi buff who doesn't mind lots of military gory scenes.  I look forward to more movies from this team.

Update 3/12/2011:  After reading professional critic reviews, I'm surprised to see that they railed on this movie.  Just keep in mind that these critics are viewing these movies with an "Oscar" lens.  What are the chances that this movie will win some kind of Oscar?  I'd agree with the critics that this movie isn't going to win anything.  After all, this movie wasn't created to keep the critics happy or to earn spots on the red carpet. 

I stand by my review above.  This movie is exactly what it advertises to be: a military sci-fi testosterone-filled action flick with cool special effects.  If that's what you're in the mood for, then don't listen to the critics.  Go ahead and enjoy yourself.

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